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Almay is an American cosmetics brand owned by Revlon which markets products toward people with sensitive skin.

Posted May 2015 by Mark J. Miller this piece talks about Revlon’s Almay Accused of Covering Up the Truth on Made in America:

“Made in America” generally means that workers somewhere in the 50 states manufactured the product, but Revlon is all about putting on a mask and hiding blemishes, right? So maybe consumers shouldn’t be surprised by the news that Revlon’s Almay may have been covering up a bit.

Truth in Advertising (TINA) has filed a deceptive advertising claim against Almay, alleging that “more than 95 percent of Revlon’s Almay line of cosmetics sold on its website fails to meet the legal standard for a ‘Made in the USA’ claim.”

Notably, Almay’s “Simply American” campaign references “American Science,” features American Idol winner Carrie Underwood as its brand ambassador, and calls itself a “truly American brand.”

“Almay’s implied, unqualified claim that its cosmetics are made in the USA is false advertising,” stated TINA Executive Director Bonnie Patten, in a press release. “Its marketing is unfair to consumers and to companies whose products really are 100 percent made in the US.”

Less than a month ago, Almay encouraged folks to take patriotic selfies and post them with the hashtag #SimplyAmerican. For each one shared on social media, Almay would pay $1 (up to $10,000) to the United Service Organizations (USO). That’s in addition to a $250,000 donation from Almay to the USO. To promote the campaign, Almay is taking a good old American road trip across the nation and stopping off at such things as state fairs and other festivals.

“American ingenuity has always been at the heart of Almay and the brand is proud of its American heritage,” said Revlon President and Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo Delpani, at the time, according to “In joining forces with the USO, we are excited to shine a light on the face of American beauty by celebrating women of the U.S. military as well as encouraging consumers to support them.”

Revlon has denied the campaign was deceptive and requested discontinue any further inquiry into Almay’s advertising. TINA subsequently filed complaints with both the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General, urging them to hold the company accountable for its deceptive marketing messages.

Revlon recently released its quarterly earnings and reported that earnings per share had gone up a nickel. It had missed consensus estimates of $442 million in revenue, bringing in $438 million, reports.


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